In April of 1965, Jimmy Gardner purchased the grocery store owned by Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Franks Sr. The original building was one of five located in the vicinity of the present Pennzoil Quick Service Oil Change business next door to the current location. The store had two check-out stands along with the produce, meat, and grocery department and a ice house on the west end. At the time the store was purchased there were gas pumps covered by a roof extending from the front of the store. It was large enough to drive under and park allowing customers to quickly run inside the store for a few things.

After about a year this roof was torn down, the gas pumps removed, and the store front was remodeled. A small metal canopy was put up in front and the Gardner’s name was put on at this time. In the late 1960’s, land was purchased over a period of 2-3 years in the current location of the store. In early 1971, after extensive dirt work, the present building was under way. A grand opening and ribbon cutting was held in early 1972. In 1984 the building was under went another remodeling project to add more selling space and a larger warehouse which brought the total square footage to 28,500.

Over the years we have seen many things change, most for the better. Computers have now taken the place of order sheets and order books. All of our check-outs are now scanners with touch screen monitors. Seems like computers have taken over, but they have actually made things easier and faster.

The second generation of Gardner’s are now operating the store. Jimmy Gardner died in 2003 and we are trying to keep things running in the same way that would make him happy. Thanks to our employee’s and everyone ELSE (You, our CUSTOMERS) for 55 wonderful years of success.

Peggy, Brian, and Mark Gardner