Gardner’s Exclusive: Ole Fashion Slug Burgers


Ole fashion slug burgers are a Corinth, Mississippi tradition … and a tradition of the Gardner family. Try out Brian Gardner’s exclusive slug burger recipe below!

  1. Purchase fresh Suitor’s slug burger meat at Gardner’s or Roger’s Supermarkets in Corinth, Mississippi.
  2. Make meat into patties.
  3. When skillet is hot, melt Crisco shortening to help meat not stick.
  4. Place slug patties in skillet and cook until desired doneness.
  5. Then experience the famous ole fashion slug burger.



  1. I cook mine in the deep fryer. Works great and is delicious when I use the Suitor’s meat bought at Roger’s Supermarket!!

  2. Bill Davenport - Henderson, NV

    Do you ship?

  3. Hello Gardners. Do you ship the slug burger meat?

  4. Way out here to Arizona?

  5. Would love to have some in Florida as well!

  6. I live in Arizona, but, I’m from Iuka. My kids are there now vacationing. My daughter is buying me a few??? packages for my son to bring back to Arizona. They’ll freeze them then put on ice for the trip back. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! They are so good.

  7. Your small pork loin is a favorite of mine. Cooked according to the directions on back of pkg. it only took 35 minutes to cook and was delicious!

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